ABCD Plug-In

ABCD Plug- IN is Trend Following System. No Bottom Fishing or no Top Picking. Just Based on Trend. Include ABCT ST, TREND Color Candles, OSC and Probable Top Bottom Dots.

As its name indicator ABCD its just simple as learning ABCD in kinder garden.Its Interface not look you like a jungle. Its Neat and clean and Include Couple of Study.

Real time and EOD Scanning Exploration felicities for All Indicators and redefine Trade Setups.

ABCD Plug-in comes with Predefined Trade Setups. All Trade Setups have their rules for Entry and Exit. Just need to follow them.

Our ABCD Plug-In Support all Major Technical Analysis Software Like Amibroker,Metastock and Metatrader.

Trade Setups

  • ABCD-ST Comes in Buy or Sell.
  • TREND Candle Color in Blue for Buy and Red for Sell.
  • OSC Color should be in Blue for Buy and Red for Sell.
  • All Three Condition Must be Fulfill at a Time.
  • If All Thee Condition Not Fulfill at a time then wait for its completion.
Trade Setup 1

Trade Setup 1 active when all Three Indicator are in same Direction. Once ABCD ST Give Buy or Sell Arrow we need to look at other two Indicator situation. If both are other Two Indicator TREND Candle Color and OSC Color are in same direction then we can initialize Buy or Sell Trade with the Trailing StopLoss at Value of ABCD ST. For Profit Booking you can use inbuilt Target Option for Intraday. One can wait in Trade with Trailing Stoploss for Larger Profit. Some time you see Blue and Red Dots on Candle they indicate Probable Top and Bottom if market not Break that Particulate Candle High or Low.

  • Its Combination of Two Time Frame 5-10-15 Min and 60 Min.
  • Dashed Lines in Bottom of Chart Indicate 60 Min. Trend of all Three Indicator
  • Buy or Sell When Trade Setup-1 Fulfill and Check 60 Min Lines.
  • Buy If all Three or at least Two Lines are in Buy in 60 Min.
  • Sell if all Three or at least Two Lines are in Sell in 60 Min
Trade Setup 2

Trade Setup 2 is active with Trade Setup 1 and with Major time frame indication. First we need to look at Dashed line in bottom of Charts its Display only on 5-10-15 Mins Chart. Its Indicate Trend of all three indicator in 60 Min time frame. If all three or at least two lines are in Blue then we need to look for ONLY BUY signal in 5-10-15 Min time frame Chart. Same as its Red then we need to look for ONLY SELL signal in 5-10-15 Min time frame. Profit Booking indication are same as in Trade Setup 1.

  • Its Based on Buy at Support and Sell at Resistance.
  • Buy above the High of Candle which Touch ABCD ST Down side and give close above of ABCD ST.
  • Sell Below the Low of Candle which Touch  ABCD ST Up side and give close Below of ABCD ST.
  • Stoploss on the reversal of ABCD ST.
  • Targets are Blue Red Dots or wait with Trailing SL of ABCD ST.
Trade Setup 3

Trade Setup 3 is not like Buy or Sell at Breakout. Trade generates on Retracements of current trend. We need to wait till market come near ABCD ST value up or down side. Once its Touch ABCD ST down side then come up and give close above ABCD ST then Buy above the High of that Candle. Same if  market touch ABCD ST Up Side then come down and give close below ABCD ST then Sell below of Low of that Candle. Stoploss are on ABCD ST reversal.